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With highly advanced know-how and deep love for natural stones, from quarry selection to finishing, cutting, dry laying and fitting we deliver prestigious architectural projects and solutions to the interest of every architectural practice and construction company.  We offer, the finest of the high quality materials and products along with high expertise on the subject.


Our collaboration with the specific quarries give us a great advantage in selecting always the best for our projects and clients both in Greece and overseas.


We sell marble in any form required:

Blocks - Slabs- Fixed Dimensions- Specific Dimensions- Final products of artistic processing (C.N.C.and waterjet machinery) 


Our deep knowledge in the Design and Construction Considerations for high-end architectural projects and our experience in the exports and shipment of volume goods to any continent in the world. 

Our collaboration with architects, engineers and Project Managers in construction for the execution of Projects of Cladding installation and interior fittings in accordance with the approved architectural drawings and combination patterns and we undertake turn key contracts.

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